What Can Solar Be Used For?

What Can Solar Be Used For?

We’ve all heard or read the advertisements for solar power; we know there are some main uses for them – general electricity in the house and hot water systems, but what can solar power actually be used for and is it only beneficial in your home or can it be used beneficially in workplace settings?

There are four main uses for solar panels – residential, commercial, industrial and remote settings. Installation of solar in a residential setting has grown quite quickly over the past couple of years. With many people taking up their relevant state Governments and energy providers on rebates and feed-in tariffs, there are a lot of people saving quite a lot of money on their power bills while feeding clean energy back into the power grid. There are two main options when it comes to solar in a residential – the first is to use solar power as much as possible, while only relying on the grid when needed (at night or during cloudy periods for example); the second is to live completely off the grid meaning you need batteries to store the excess power on.

Office buildings are perfect for solar; often with such a large roof area, they can be covered with panels and provide as much power as the office needs while potentially still feeding any extra power made back to the grid. As many businesses are empty at night, solar can be a great way to save some money on what are typically large electricity bills. Similarly with industrial settings, with such large roof spaces solar is a great option. They are reliable and with little maintenance requirements, they are a good option in remote locations where you can’t always get a tradesperson out. Being that solar is great for buildings in remote locations they are great for schools, health clinics, businesses and community buildings where power isn’t always a reliable option.

Apart from the general electricity to building uses, solar can provide assistance in a number of other areas including offshore navigation bouys, lighthouses, road warning signals, hybrid power systems, water pumps, recharging batteries, pool heating and road marking. Portable solar power systems are great for those who are travelling, especially in remote areas where you can’t always refill with gas or fuel.

If you own a house, factory or office building, it might be worth installing of solar panels in Perth. With the large amount of sunshine received in Perth throughout the year, you can almost be assured that you will end up saving a fair amount of money from power bill to power bill. While solar prices in Perth can differ depending on the application, you will find that your initial investment will be paid off quite quickly.

Whether you want to green up your house, or cut your workplace bills, or even travel through the state using as little fuel or gas as possible, solar may be a great alternative to look into.

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